How To Make Country Potatoes In Air Fryer

How To Make Country Potatoes In Air Fryer

How To Make Country Potatoes In Air Fryer

How To Make Country Potatoes In Air Fryer. Flip potatoes and continue cooking until. Put chopped potatoes into the air fryer basket.

How To Make Country Potatoes In Air FryerHow To Make Country Potatoes In Air Fryer
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Cut the potatoes, onion, and pepper into similar sizes for even & optimum cooking. Using tongs, toss to coat in oil and seasonings thoroughly. Rinse your potatoes in cold water removing the dirt.

Peel And Cut The Potatoes Into 1 Inch Pieces.

Add bacon grease or oil to your potatoes and mix thoroughly. If it is still thick, continue to cook until desired texture. Sprinkle garlic powder over potatoes and season with salt and pepper.

Drain Potatoes, Dry Well And Place Into Large Mixing Bowl.

Add potato wedges into a large bowl and add olive oil. Add the potato, then reduce the heat to medium and cook for 8 minutes. Toss the potatoes around with a spoon or your hands to ensure that all the pieces are evenly coated.

Cut Potatoes Into Small Bite Sized Pieces.

Add potatoes to a medium mixing bowl. Spritz with oil & add a pinch of salt. Pierce potatoes with a fork or paring knife, then place in a bowl and toss.

Put Chopped Potatoes Into The Air Fryer Basket.

Add potatoes to air fryer basket or tray. After 15 minutes, check for doneness with a fork. Mix together all seasonings and set aside.

Add Oil, Salt, And Pepper.

Preheat the air fryer to 400°f and spray the basket with cooking spray. First, we are going to parboil the potatoes. Wash the potatoes and cut in half.

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