How To Use A Serger To Finish Seams

How To Use A Serger To Finish Seams

How To Use A Serger To Finish Seams

How To Use A Serger To Finish Seams. Also, it can be used for attaching ribbing and edges of the neck & sleeves. Unlike the plain seam, you should stitch this time around on the right side.

How To Use A Serger To Finish SeamsHow To Use A Serger To Finish Seams
How to Finish Seams without a Serger Beginner sewing projects easy from

And here are a couple of shots of what those finished seams look like. Slip the slim end of the. First, press the seam open and clip the threads.

Place The Attachment That Comes With Your Serger Machine On The Upper Looper Section.

Stop when the needles are just over the edge of the fabric. Then finish the kimono as instructed. Gently pull, avoiding catching the hook onto the serger stitches, into the wrong side of the seam.

Prepare Your Sewing Machine And Thread.

The second way to finish a seam using a zigzag stitch is to zigzag the edges prior to sewing seams together. Wrap the serger thread tail around the hook so it catches. When you do opt for a serged seam or edge finish, choose the stitch that matches the needs of your garment.

It Sews The Seam & Finishes Its Edges In A Single Step.

To secure the beginning of a serged seam, start about an inch from the edge of your item and serge toward the edge. I have the juki set up to use 4 cones of thread, and find that to be the most durable finish. You can also use your serger to finish the inside seams of your clothes/projects.

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This Is Where Pins Come In Handy;

2 thread overlock = a lightweight stitch used to finish the edges of lightweight fabrics. #5 a slanted overcast stitch. A serger will finish seams and cut your fabric at the same time.

The Collar Also Calls For Handstitching.

Using a smaller allowance of ¼ inch sew a simple straight seam on the right side of the staked fabrics. Before going for a serger, look for the main parts of a serger & its functions. Also leave long thread tails until they are secured.

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